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Terrazzo Floor Cleaning And Restoration

If you have Terrazzo flooring in your home or business you know how beautiful and how long-lasting these floors can be. In fact, there are centuries old Terrazzo floors still in existence today. These floors were originally made using marble, but today’s Terrazzo floors may be made using marble, quartz, granite, glass or other material poured into a pre-cast (the pre-cast is normally concrete). Once made the Terrazzo are grounded down to a smooth finish and then polished to make them shine.
Over time your Terrazzo floor may become dull from a build up of dirt or from waxing (which should never be done) and require a professional cleaning. Here at King Steam Floor Cleaning we have the trained professionals that clean and restore your Terrazzo floor for you.

Steps in Cleaning and Restoring Terrazzo Flooring

Cleaning and restoring Terrazzo flooring requires a series of steps. These steps include:

  • Vacuuming the floor to remove any surface dirt, pet hair or other debris.
  • Grinding the floor- A special machine needs to be used to disperse water and grind the floor first using rough grit, then medium grit and then fine grit to clean and smooth the floor. This requires going over the floor three times removing the dirty water and reapplying fresh water each time the grit is changed.
  • The floor is then rinsed and any holes or cracks in your flooring is prepared to be prepared. The holes are then patched with thin set mortar using material that matches the original floor. Once the mortar is dry a grinder is used to smooth the patched area to match the smoothness of the rest of the floor.
  • We then polish the floors and vitrifying it to high shine.
  • We then apply a sealant made especially for Terrazzo floor to help protect it from damage.

In the case of older homes many people are not aware that they have a Terrazzo floor until the remove old carpeting or some other type of flooring. If that is the case and you want to restore your Terrazzo floor we can restore the floor for you and even remove any glue or other debris left behind by the removal of the covering flooring.



Get A Free Estimate

The cost of restoring Terrazzo flooring will vary depending on how much restoration is needed to restore the floor to like new condition. So if you want a free estimate as to the cost of the restoration for your specific floor we will be more than happy to send out one of our professional floor cleaner and restoration experts to look at your floor and prepare an estimate for you.

Reasonable Rates

Cleaning and restoring Terrazzo flooring is not cheap, but we do our best to keep our rates reasonable and affordable. We believe that all of our customers deserve beautiful floors at a price they can afford and do our best to achieve that goal.
For a free estimate or to have your Terrazzo floor cleaned or restored give us a call at (855) 888-2947

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