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Mexican Tile Cleaning and Restoration

Many Florida homes have Mexican tile either Saltilo or Terracotta flooring due it’s choice of sophisticated designs that really adds real beauty to your home. However, a build up of wax, dirt and stains can eventually leave your Mexican tile floor looking old and faded and in some cases that once beautiful floor becomes a real eyesore.
However, help is just a phone call away when call the floor cleaning experts at King Steam Floor Cleaning. Our highly trained floor cleaning technicians have years of experience in cleaning and restoring Mexican tile and bringing back its natural beauty. You’ll be surprised at just how our cleaning and restoration process can give that old floor new life.

Our Cleaning Process

Cleaning and restoring your Mexican tile is a process and every step is essential in achieving the beautiful look you want and deserve and our experts don’t skip a single step in the cleaning and restoration process.
We start by using a powerful vacuum to remove any loose dirt from your tile floor and prepare it for cleaning. We then use a high pressure steam cleaning machine and a surface cleaner to get your Mexican tiles and grout as clean as possible. Once your floor is cleaned we rinse the floor to remove any left over residue.
In most cases cleaning and polishing your Mexican tile will be enough to restore the tile to it’s natural beauty. However, if the floor is not as clean as it should be we then strip the tiles and grout by hand using a special chemical that removes that deep ground in dirt and lifts it away. We then will rinse your floor again and allow it to dry.

Once your Mexican tile floor has completely dried we then apply a sealer finish. Sealing or resealing your Mexican tile floor will help reduce wear and help your floor stay looking good much longer. With our sealer finish we can finish your floor in a low gloss, semi-gloss or high gloss wet look depending the number of layers of finish you want us to apply.
Many people find that having their Mexican Tile floor cleaned and restored is much cheaper than putting in new flooring and their flooring actually looks like new.



There’s No Time Like Present To Have Your Floor Cleaned and Restored

If you are tired at looking at that faded looking and dirty Mexican tile floor then there is no time like the present to hire our professional floor cleaners to clean and restore your Mexican tiles. Our skilled floor cleaning experts are dedicated to providing each and every one of our customers with the highest quality services available and they will not be satisfied until they have your floor looking its very best.

Reasonable Rates

Here at King Steam Floor Cleaning we do our very best to bring you the highest quality services at reasonable rates because we believe our customers deserve affordable floor cleaning services. So why not give us a call at (855) 888-2947 and let us know how we can be of assistance to you.

Our Cleaning Process

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